Critter Lit

Write. Draw. Read. Repeat.

How It Works

Select a service that fits your needs. Add the service to your cart and fill out the requested form. Follow the instructions for submitting your work listed under each service. For first-time critiques, it's FREE! For additional manuscript or dummy critiques, please visit my services page for pricing information.

Submission Guidelines

CL Typewriter.jpg


- Must be a picture book, 800 words or less

- Fiction only

- File Format: Word Document

CL Illustrator.jpg


- Children's book illustrations only

- Full color and black and white illustrations welcome

- Illustrations may be spots or full-bleed

- File Format: JPEG

CL Author Illustrators.jpg

Author + Illustrators

- Children's book dummies only

- Dummy must be complete (text + illustrations)

- Must be formatted as a traditional 32 or 40 page picture book

- Must be 800 words or less

- File Format: PDF