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Frequently Asked Questions

A few things you might be curious about...

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What type of file formats do you accept?

Word Documents for Manuscripts

JPEGs for Illustrations

PDFs for Book Dummies

How long will it take to receive feedback on my work?

All manuscript and dummy critiques are returned in within 2 weeks.

All illustration critiques and page breaks are returned within 3 days.

Will you take a second look at a manuscript you've already critiqued?

Absolutely! I would be happy to take another look. For additional passes on the same manuscript or a critique for a different manuscript than the one initially submitted, please select the Manuscript Critique Service.

What are your submission guidelines?

Submission guidelines are listed under each service. Or you can read an overview of them here.

What if you steal my idea?

Let's be honest, this is the ugly question everyone has in the back of their mind when they submit their work. Ideas are precious and all writers/illustrators work hard to cultivate and grow them. Prior to submitting work for critique, please read the Critter Lit Terms & Privacy page. By submitting your work, you acknowledge Critter Lit's terms and conditions. All submissions are private and therefore are not shared with third parties unless explicit consent is given by the author or illustrator. My goal with Critter Lit is to help your creative process, not mine.